omg, we’ve got grass

Monday June 27, 2011

On our walk around the neighborhood yesterday we came across a couple removing their, “It’s not that great, it’s full of crab grass.” — front lawn.

OMG, jackpot!!!

We asked if we could have it and they were like, “HELL YES! Take it.”

To us, this, “It’s not that great,it’s full of crab grass” was beautiful, hearty, established, and perfect for our backyard.

Being the very spontaneous project that it was, a few things to take a note of:

1) Unfortunately, there was no time to call brother-in-law Peter and redeem some hard labor hours he owes Jake (from the re-roofing extravaganza of last weekend). No worries Peter, we’ll try to plan better, next time we re-sod our backyard :)

2) There is no before photo of our lawn — just try to image…DIRT.

3) Also, there is no twitter, facebook, or instagram documentation of any part of this project — it’s like it never happened.

4) This is the lone iPhone photo I snapped when everything was almost done.

This project was intense, exhausting, and sorta ridiculous.

But OMG, we’ve got grass!!!

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