kicking ass

Monday June 20, 2011

Apparently all I need is my brother to re-roof his house for me to get all my work done.

Holy shit I had a productive weekend.

Jake was helping Peter all weekend and was out of the house.

Maybe that is why I am totally kicking ass right now?

Who knows, and it doesn’t even matter.

All I care about is that I have one wedding left to edit before my wedding this weekend — and I have all week to work on it.

So back to this weekend: I banged out a stellar blog post from an amazing wedding at the Walker Art Center, shot a portrait shoot at Mill City Farmers Market Saturday morning, finished editing it and have the blog post on deck, completely edited another wedding and also have the blog post on deck.

Can you have two things on deck?

I also made rhubarb dream, chocolate-chip cookies, spaghetti meat pie, and grilled ginger garlic chicken. The rhubarb dream is totally gone because it is AMAZING. Enjoyed just two (can hardly believe it!) chocolate chip cookies yesterday and now the rest of them are in the freezer. Jake is still eating the spaghetti meat pie. I want to eat it as well, but well, you know, I am feeling good and looking better, soooo ginger garlic chicken it is!

All I know is that I am totally kicking ass right now.

And loving every minute of it!


  1. Cassie says:

    glad we could be of help :) I’d say we’ll reroof our house again sometime so you can get more done but it totally sucked so probably not. congrats on getting a ton done, that’s a good feeling.

  2. Nick says:

    The second one ‘On Deck’ is referred to as being ‘In the Hole’ just in case that wasn’t a purely rhetorical question!

    Way to go Anne, keep on kicking ass!

  3. Anne says:

    Thanks Nick! Seriously, good to know :)


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