from now on, we will call them splurge days

Friday May 27, 2011

For seven weeks now, we’ve followed the 4 Hour Body/Slow Carb way of living. We’ve had a few splurge meals during the week (Pizza on the Farm, Punch Pizza last week with Stacy, Eden pizza to celebrate 25 years of Oprah…hmmm, sensing a pattern here – do we love PIZZA, or what?!) but for the most part we have been very strong willed about our plan. Our splurge days (not going to call them “cheat days” anymore because it sounds like we are doing something bad) – have been fabulous. We have really really enjoyed the freedom of the day. Last Saturday we got some bagels with honey walnut cream cheese (YUM) and had a date night at Broder’s Pasta Bar in South Minneapolis. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, decadent, and delicious. I had a lobster pasta and Jake had a morel mushroom pasta – incredible. Oh and the bread – did I forget to mention the bread?! Dipped in olive oil and asking for a second basket :) We went home full and satisfied and so happy.

Our meals during the week feel great. Lentils are our best friend – we eat them with every meal. I have an avocado a day during breakfast (best source of potassium). Our organic Schultz farm eggs for breakfast are tasty and easy. We have been roasting a whole chicken every Sunday and eating it throughout the week. We also have Thousand Hills grass fed beef burgers with pressed garlic and green onions on a lettuce “bun” and it tastes soooo delicious. When we want to skip the meat protein, we have zucchini “pasta” with an amazing garlic red sauce and it totally satisfies that pasta craving. Every meal has a vegetable – so we make grilled asparagus, or grab some snap peas, roast some onions and carrots, or steam some broccoli. We have been treating ourselves to some very dark 70-77% chocolate as well. Jake is obsessed with dark chocolate and I am really starting to like it as well. One square (or two) for a treat is okay with us. What else are we eating — oh yeah, Chipotle! No rice please but everything else is AOK. Also, a great snack is sprouted almonds. Crunchy, packed full of protein and oh yeah DELICIOUS. Try sprouted almonds, I guarantee you will love them. Also, I am totally drinking Skinnygirl margaritas (instead of wine) when the mood strikes me. Jake enjoys a beer every now and then.

This Saturday (splurge day) Ingman Photography has a huge and exciting wedding at The Walker and Jake is shooting with me! We are eating whatever the guests are eating for dinner, and we even get a wedding cupcake! Perfect. I’m going to pick up bagels again for our mid-morning snack.

In case you care and in case you don’t:

Anne’s starting weight: 139.9
Anne’s overall mood and attitude: Very poor, sad, and tired
Today’s weight: 130.9
Today’s overall mood and attitude: Very happy, optimistic, and fun

Exercise for me has been 1 hour of yoga a week, light arm exercises with 5 lbs weights, 40-120 air squats per day, maybe 20 sit-ups (maybe NOT), and walks with The Jude. With the weather being nicer it feels good to get outside and even is motivating when we need to be inside (basically, I am so glad spring and summer are here), I feel good. Jake climbs once or twice a week and has also been doing arm weights at home plus push-ups and sit-ups.

Jake’s starting weight: 180
Today’s weight: 170
Jake’s overall mood and attitude: Always better than Anne’s

That’s me, freaking out, as Ben describes my equipment to me (right before I climb a mountain) in Colorado last summer — just a fun tidbit about that climb, I cried, and Ben free climbed (no fear) alongside me to take photos. A true friend and brother. Thanks Ben!

p.s. As always, Jake is off in his own world, wondering how they construct belay devices, or something to that effect.

Until we chit chat again. Is anyone out there?


  1. Heather says:

    I’m here :D

    Thanks for posting your experience with this! I’ve been struggling with my weight and have been finding the idea of a diet very overwhelming, but you made this sound very achievable :)

  2. Anne says:

    Hi Heather! You are so welcome! I actually think “our diet” is actually more of a lifestyle change — we really needed to change how we think about food and the choices we made started to catch up with us. It did not feel good! So here we are, 7 weeks later, feeling better (and looking better!). Good luck.

  3. allisa says:

    i’m here, and i love you, and i’m definitely checking out the sprouted almonds!

  4. Anne says:

    Hi Allisa!! Love you too! Sprouted almonds are pretty amazing…but take note they are a bit spendy. They are worth it tough because the ‘sprouting’ process activates the enzymes of the almonds, reducing the fat and bringing out the true flavor. You could sprout raw almonds yourself — we have not tried it yet but it might be worth it.

  5. tia says:

    i’m here, too, anne.
    so happy you are feeling great! and i can attest to the fact that you are looking great, too! :) so fun to see you in action on saturday.

  6. Anne says:

    Hi Tia! Thanks!!!

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