well, we ate too much

Thursday May 12, 2011

Just a little update about last Saturdays binge/cheat day.

Well, as planned we stuffed ourselves silly.

We learned a lot though and it surprised us. We totally and completely enjoyed our brunch at Grand Cafe, our cupcakes, and our late night favorite Eden Pizza. We did not need the Jimmy John’s lunch and we didn’t even get the egg rolls from Taste of Thailand. We were hurting by the end of the night and had experienced headaches, crankiness, and major sugar crashes. We were lethargic and exhausted.

Here are our brunch(s), we ordered three entrees:

And they are GONE and were amazing, seriously good food never tasted so good:

Jimmy John’s is not even that great and I don’t know what we were thinking. It was way too much for lunch (except the cupcakes, those were a treat!):

Later in the night I forced myself to eat some s’mores during our backyard fire, ha!  I did this because I knew if I skipped them I would be THINKING and CRAVING them all week and would probably sneak one when Jake wasn’t looking!

There is no counting calories and no guilt, but….when you get a headache, sugar crash, can’t stand up straight, and get cranky it makes you think twice about stuffing yourself silly. Don’t get me wrong — I was so excited to indulge and there were very pure moments of sweet happiness stuffing my face with french toast and lady baltimore cupcakes! I am much more aware of how it feels after the binge and I am learning how to eat differently and that includes my cheat days.

This Saturday we are still indulging our cravings but we plan to pace ourselves better and eat what feels right.

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