four days

Monday November 29, 2010

Four days full of family, food, and staying up late. Way too late one night, maybe even 5 am too late, but oh so worth it. Trying new things and not caring anymore. Ben and Becky are engaged and we all screamed with joy! It was so exciting!!! In the living room with just our family and Kate’s amazing friend Alex. She’s a part of the joy too. We celebrated Ellen’s 100th birthday and it was incredible. She was so happy. I do love Mankato with so many familiar people and places, where you can just slip right back in with the crowd. And also, I like that we can meet Amanda and Matt and get a cocktail. It is the best and there are no words to describe it — you just have to feel it.

Anyway, now I have a cold because I let down my defenses. I stayed up too late, I had too many pieces of pie, cocktails, and I didn’t get enough rest. Sinus pressure nasal congestion and I don’t like it. But Jake’s at Mississippi Market getting me some soup. Judy got a bath so I let her up on the bed to nap with me. I’ll get better soon. I have things to do. Like the house to clean and the tree to put up and the holiday party to plan.

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