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Tuesday February 16, 2010

A bride in California wanted to hire me!  In California!  She found my website from Once Wed and emailed to say she loved my website, photos, and asked if I would I be willing to travel to California?

Ummmmm, YES!!!!

We emailed back and forth for a few weeks — I found out all about her, her fiance, and their wedding and it all sounded lovely. I really wanted to get the job…I was so excited and kept sending positive thoughts into the universe and everytime I checked my email.  I felt confident with the quote I sent her and hoped it would work out…but in the end they decided to go with a local photographer (because of travel fees).

I just found out this morning and I am really really bummed.

Rejection sucks — it is definitely going to be a part of this new business of mine and I know that in time it will get easier…but these first real rejections, out on my own, just plain sting a little bit more.

But it will be okay and I am going to be okay.  Because, I know that I am finally doing something that I enjoy.


Photo taken as 2nd photographer with DeWees Photography

Look at that slightly out of focus moment of pure joy! I can see the love.

Biggest perk of the job — being surrounded by love and happiness every time I go to work!


  1. Megan says:

    No worries, Anne! This gal found you all the way from Prague! :) I SO look forward to meeting you when I head home…and I look forward to Tom’s meeting with you tomorrow! We’re super-excited.

    Your work is great and before you’ll know it you’ll have so many clients you’ll have to turn some away! Really!

    Usmevy z Prahy!


  2. Anne says:

    Thanks Megan! I look forward to meeting you as well!


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