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Tuesday February 2, 2010

I am seriously learning so much about starting my own business.

These past few weeks I focused on how the heck do I find clients?!!?!?  I began researched advertising options that would fit within my budget and be most advantageous. I had no idea that advertising is crazy expensive!!!  Options for monthly accounts, yearly contracts, print ads, and online ads got to be very overwhelming.

Luckily I did find many sites that allow free vender posting, which is great and I definitely took advantage of their offer.  But unfortunately, these free listings have none of the bells and whistles you can pay $100 per month for…like photo examples and top of the list priority. Regardless, at least my name is out there a little more!

In the end I decided to go with a site that I have been drawn to for quite awhile. OnceWed.com!  I am thrilled to announce that you can now find Ingman Photography on the OnceWed.com vender guide!!

Once Wed is a ridiculously cool website that offers REAL inspiration for DIY wedding projects and ideas with DAILY blogs featuring REAL weddings. I think it is a wonderful resource for the modern, stylish, crafty, and totally fun bride.  Just the kind of bride I want to attract!

From the About page on Once Wed:

Emily Newman, 24, launched Once Wed in March 2008 as the only free listing service for wedding dresses after selling her own wedding dress online and realizing how few resources there are for women looking to do the same. The site now offers brides everything from real weddings and inspiration galleries to modern DIY wedding projects. Her widely read blog is updated daily with real weddings, DIY projects, and so much more.  With over 2.3 million page views a month, Once Wed has grown into one of the top wedding resources on the Internet today. Once Wed has received critical praise in many major media outlets including – The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal & NBC.com.

Many roadblocks and detours have been a part of the journey, and even the “failures”, because without them, she would have never started Once Wed.  Emily currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her wonderful husband Brett.

Each time I visited Once Wed I found photographic inspiration so it feels great to be associated with something that I admire personally and professionally.

Currently Ingman Photography is the ONLY Minnesota vender to be listed on Once Wed — which makes me feel very special!

Check out my blog post on Ingman Photography for some fun photos

p.s. I can’t thank my BEAUTIFUL cousin Abby enough for allowing me to use the photos I took at her wedding this past September on my website and blog. I would NOT be in the place I am today without her generosity. Thank you so much Abby!

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