different kind of happy

Monday January 25, 2010

Drifting to a simple contemplative place during these dreary winter days I have decided that everyone has a different kind of happy.

Let’s face it — some people love staying home, or going out, eating pizza, or going to the grand cafe, cleaning the house, or reading a book, replying to emails, or not replying to emails, watching late night tv, talking on the phone, or not talking on the phone, going cross country skiing, or playing scrabble, walking their dog, going to concerts, or going on walks, writing letters, or planning trips, cleaning a closet, or reading a blog, twittering, facebooking, or not twittering or facebooking.

We all are walking our walk. And we all are living a story out in our head.

So, I have decided that whatever my happy is (depending on the day) I am going to OWN IT.  Not compare or contrast or wish or hope for something different.

I am going to own my different kind of happy.

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  1. paige says:

    i love it !


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