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old memories

Friday December 4, 2009

I found an old memory card while de-cluttering the basement and almost threw it away. But to my surprise it had half of my photos from my trip to Thailand on it!

Where is the other half? Jake seems to think they are on some hard drive or server in the basement…I sure hope so, or he is in big trouble.

Looking through them all brought back memories of being, well, really really hot, uncomfortably hot, BUT most of all in awe of such a beautiful place and wonderfully kind people. Amanda, Jana and I had quite the adventure and I wouldn’t throw those memories away ever.

So, here I am, at dusk on a beach in Thailand.


my eyes ache and i can’t get enough sleep

Wednesday December 2, 2009

Get ready for a total bummer of a reality —-

I wake up most mornings with a headache.

There, I said it, it sucks. But it is true.

True blue shoe (anneism).

I can’t seem to get comfortable while sleeping.

I have three pillows and cannot figure out how to make them all support my back, neck, and head. One is too firm, two are too fluffy but sometimes they fit just perfectly and I sleep great…but most days I wake up with a headache.

How do I deal?  Yeah, well, I just deal with it.

Excedrin is my drug of choice and it is my savior at times.

I have a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG history with headaches and it is not pretty. Migraines and tension, it doesn’t matter…I can go days on living with a headache.

Anyway, my restless sleeping makes me tired.  I just want to sleep without waking up and without waking up to a headache.

I have tried many things…exercise and food and relaxing and meditation and pressure points and waking up right away to napping away the migraine.

Nothing works.

So right now, my eyes ache and I just want to sleep and wake up from dreaming the dreams you dream about…ahhhh, that would be soooo nice.

i love my label maker

Tuesday December 1, 2009

Currently working a few projects in our basement.
Constantly cleaning out the clutter.
But what’s new?

Labeling my bins after they are all organized and de-cluttered is without-a-doubt the best part.

I do love my label maker.

A few examples of new labels include, Anne’s Childhood, Sketch Books & Jake’s Art, Anne’s Graduate School, and of course, the classic, hugely ambiguous, don’t know what to do with this shit, Memories.

What do I do with all those memories???

Oh yeah, “Remember it, but throw that away!