birds of a feather watching the weather

Wednesday December 16, 2009

Here is a wide shot of my magical gnome forest — on the mantel. The gnomes are tucked in-between pine bows, nordic pines and other little treasures.



Last week I posed a few questions for potential party guests — today the answers to those questions.

Question 1: I bought four new ornaments this year, which ones are they?

Felted wool Santa made by Elsa Jo Kelm of Minnesota. I found the Santa, Ebenezer Scrooge and Gnomes at the Textile Center in St. Paul.


Felted wool Ebenezer Scrooge


Painted Santa Dog by Barbara Gilhooly.

Dog Ornament-2

And vintage Swedish Elf for $1.00 at local antique store.

Dog Ornament-3

Question 2: How many animals are on the tree? There are 14: one pig, two roosters, two dogs, two puffins, one crane, one bird, one moose, one reindeer, one sheep, one bear, and one hen.

Question 3: Knowing (or guessing) my sense of humor, what do I currently think is the funniest thing in our house? ┬áThis question was my favorite. Although I think Jake is very funny, he is currently not the funniest thing in my house right now. ┬áThis painting by Barbara Gilhooly is my sense of humor to a ‘T’ — if you look closely you can see a tiny bird giving the weather report on the TV (also, look for the tiny USA map).

Birds of a feather watching the weather — now that, is funny.


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  1. tia says:

    bEaUtiful photos of your house, Anne!


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