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Tuesday December 15, 2009

Trying to get caught up on how great life has been lately.

I mean, there was the annual tree cutting extravaganza in Northfield, weeks of holiday party prepping, basement de-cluttering, homemade gift gathering, and the actual HOLIDAY PARTY!! I am currently going through photos and will upload to Flickr very soon. We are constantly working out the kinks of having thousands of photos with each one being 21 Mpx…ugh.

To hold you over while I work up a blog about everything else, I have a hilarious video for you. Jake caught this train wreck of Thelma’s and I think it could be another classic — you might remember her from the infamous Lick Shoes video. The head nodding and spinning at the same time  – just perfect!

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  1. tia says:

    Thanks for posting this Anne, most certainly a classic (…rrrr – with silo’s BOOMING voice in the back ground – the volume on that boy!) Can’t wait to see some of your photos from that day! :D


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