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Thursday December 10, 2009

Last night I created a magical gnome forest on our mantel. It makes me very happy.

I just put the final trimmings on the tree — a teeny tiny vintage glass ornament there and there, oh, and maybe there.

Getting excited to see friends and family!!

So, if you happen to be coming to our party tomorrow night I have a little game of questions for you!

Question 1: I bought four new ornaments this year, which ones are they?

Question 2: How many animals are on the tree?

Question 3: Knowing (or guessing) my sense of humor, what do I currently think is the funniest thing in our house?

Good luck!


  1. Matt says:

    1. The Green ones
    2. 8 Animals
    3. Jake

  2. Ben says:

    1. The antique ones
    2. 12 animals
    3. Jake

    Sorry we’ll miss the party, we’ll be throwing a Christmahannakwanzika Costume Party the same day, so maybe our party can call your party? Looking forward to seeing you guys for the holidays!

  3. Anne says:

    Matt, very good guesses! Ben, you too! I will blog about the new ornaments and the funniest thing in my house sometime soon — Jake is very funny but not the answer to question #3!! Oh, and there were 14 animals represented on the tree — a few dogs, birds, roosters, moose, sheep, and even a pig!


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