the last day of my second decade

Friday October 23, 2009

The last day of my 20′s could not have been better.

I started off the day at Nina’s with Paige. I had stopped at a ‘Piece of Cake’ (which is another cafe) to pick up a scone. Their scones are much better than Nina’s. No offense to Nina’s, it is one of my favorite places in St. Paul, but if I am going to have a scone (still trying to lose those last 5 pounds) then I was going to at least eat a tasty one. So Paige and I have a lovely morning catching up. It was great.

I had already decided a few days earlier that I deserved a new outfit. I totally deserved it. I was turning 30 and going out with friends and I could NOT wear my usual ‘uniform’ of old jeans, old t-shirt, old button down sweater, and Danskos. Ummmm, No No Nope that was not going to work.

I headed to the Mall of America. I remained calm and had a plan – hit Nordstroms, H&M, and as it turns out a little Express (haven’t been in there since I was 18!). ┬áThe whole day as I am checking out, I kept telling the Sales Associates helping me that is was “my 30th birthday tomorrow”. I figured why the hell not! I don’t have co-workers to decorate my office door and throw me a party in the lunch room. Why not tell these random Sales Associate Mall of America workers? They were all congratulatory and said I didn’t look it. Which felt nice.

Four hours later I left with a few cute outfit options and a renewed sense of style.

I called Amanda as I was leaving and she randomly was at Ikea! I was like, “I am in the Nordstroms parking lot! See you in five minutes.” Amanda, Avery and I walked around Ikea for an hour and try to shop. It was really fun and great to see Amanda.

Finally got home around 4. Ate some food because I hadn’t eaten since 9 am! Yikes. Watched Oprah, which happened to be about jeans. Of course I had to go back, had to go back, to the Mall of America.

Found the jeans from Oprah. Tried them on. Loved them. As I am checking out and telling another random Sales Associate my plans for my birthday, and that I maybe might possibly go down and check out some boots…she says, “Girl, you have a sparkly top?” I looked at her and smiled, “Of course I have a sparkly top!” ┬áJust bought one 10 minutes ago.

At this point it is now the second time I am at the Mall of America in one day. I have actually made the trip twice. Parked in the same little lot by Nordstrom’s twice. And now I’m in the shoe department for the second time. I run into the woman who, earlier, helped me buy the cutest pair of gold flats…I smile at her…she vaguely recognizes and I say, “Hi. I was here before. I swear I have not been here all day. I did go home and eat.” This could be EMBARRASSING but I am fearless, it is the last day of my 20′s and I am feeling confident!

I buy the boots. Do I need them. Maybe. Maybe, YES.

As I am driving home (around 9 pm) I call Chanda and she says, “Stop by. Have some pizza.” I stop by, eat some pizza, watch Fiona in her “night routine” and head home for the second time that day.

And now, today, it is here. My BIRTHDAY!
I am really 30. No more 29. It is gone and done.

I am looking forward to this new decade. I think there is a lot in store for me and I am ready for it!

Oh god.
I hope so.

Well, at least I have a cute outfit and some new boots for today!


  1. April says:

    Happy 30th Anne!

  2. tia says:

    the outfit looked amazing! perfect for a 30 year old on their birthday!


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