tweet: tonight i went to ‘happy hour’ with my old co-workers

Wednesday September 30, 2009

And it was a very very happy hour (or three).

BUT I realized that I miss talking to people.
Talking to people everyday, of every hour of the ‘work’ day.
I really really miss it!

It was so much fun to talk. Because I love talking to people.

Sometimes I have to knock on Jake’s office door (I make him shut it because the click click clicking sometimes drives me crazy….when I am trying to take a nap).

Anyway, I knock on Jake’s door and ask if he will just talk to me for, like, 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes PLEASE!!

Most of the time he agrees.
Which I am very grateful for.

And, you know what, it makes me just as happy.

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  1. E.P. says:

    It really is a lot of fun to talk! And I think if I were working from home or freelancing (and working on my own time! Yes, please!), I would want to grab someone to chat for just a few moments each day.


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