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Wednesday September 23, 2009

I had my second real wedding shoot last Friday and it went really really well.  I wasn’t as nervous as the first and I felt more confident with my camera.

But it was very very hot.  Everyone was sweating. For five hours straight.  You know how much I enjoy the heat. See last post. I did alright though, drank tons of water. And just owned my red perspiring face.

I am learning A LOT about what it means to be a photographer — First, of course, is the actual shoot, which is like eight hours of taking photos WITHOUT sitting down.  Then you go home EXHAUSTED and sleep.  Then you decide what to do with the 1,500-2,000 photos you just took because by that point your computer has run out of room. (Jake is installing two terabyte hard drive in the basement. I can’t explain what terabyte is, I am sorry). Once you get all 1,500-2,000 photos in Aperture (a photo management tool on my computer) you rate and organize them into folders and begin the process of cropping, color changing, and balance. Oh my!

It can only get better, right?!

I am also realizing that there is great responsibility and honor in being part of the celebration and capturing the moments of these weddings. I take this very seriously and want to do a good job.  I am constantly looking at photos online for inspiration — the weddings on this website are UNBELIEVABLE. Check out the photos in Real Weddings.

I will share some of my photos soon. Just have to install those terabyte things, upload 2,000 photos, rate and organize them all, and then begin the editing process…you know, I should be done sometime NEXT YEAR.


  1. tia says:

    you’ll get it done. you are taking steps forward and the more you do it, the easier and quicker it will get. and the process of editing shots will teach you about the way you shoot and you’ll adjust and pretty soon you won’t even have to crop as much … it will all flow towards the same place. and then you’ll look back and think. ‘wow. look how far i’ve come.’

    i think i could look through that website all day long. this is my favorite wedding (granted it’s the first one/only one i looked through, but i gravitated towards it.) my mouth is watering……


  2. Anne says:

    Thanks Tia! Isn’t that wedding AMAZING. The flowers are sooo cool — succulents!


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