i don’t know where i am going, but i’m going somewhere

Monday April 27, 2009

I live in the United States of America.

But have I seen anything?

How is it that three miles from my Blair block neighborhood party, boards are nailed over windows? How is it that the same Blair block, in the 400′s, two people got shot? Shot with a real gun.

What about the 1300 block? What is so different about us?

I was in the SA (Salvation Army) the other day and I talked to six different people. As in six different conversations about dishes and Tupperware and missing glasses. I haven’t talked to so many people in months. I realized I was there for a good deal just like they were.

Anyway, walking through to the back, where her kitchen was just completed two days ago, I found a kindred spirit. She is a treasure finder. It ACTUALLY says that on her card. And her yard is a Wildlife Habitat. A WILDLIFE HABITAT IN HER YARD! I have been feeding peanuts to the squirrels…but also knocking down bird nests…where does that leave me? Anyway, she said ‘modular’ a lot, but it didn’t matter, she had sea glass hanging in her window.

In another basement, he wore a bow tie and told us of possible secrets behind the walls where pool cues hid and alcohol was drunk.

These are my neighbors.

I know you might not know what this all means, but it is okay. Don’t worry about the mud.

Just know that it is my home.

It is where I walk my dog and dream the dreams you dream about.

Just like you.

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