crazy hot

Saturday February 28, 2009

Sometimes on Saturday mornings we go to Kopplin’s to get an almond latte and currant scone for me and mocha and almond croissant for Jake.

Kopplin’s has the best coffee in St. Paul.

I like my drinks really really really hot. Hotter than boiling? Not possible.

I waited in the car while Jake went in. When she handed him our drinks she said, “Almond latte. Crazy hot.”

It was delicious.

Felted Coffee Cup Sleeve

Allisa made me this felted coffee cup holder — very eco-friendly!


  1. jeanette kay musser gruenhagen says:

    ahh. jealous. wish i were there! take me there the next time i visit you, ok? love you annabananaterrific!

  2. anne says:

    Of course Jeanette! Miss you!

  3. amanda jane says:



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