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Friday January 9, 2009

Jake and I spent Wednesday night updating and uploading and organizing all the wedding photos!

Also, I have made it my full time job to upload photos onto Flickr — Jake has even let me into some old hard drives so I am finding hilarious videos and photos from years past.

Like this one….

or this one….

oh, and this one.


  1. EP says:

    How fun! I wish I had the time to categorize and work with all the photos I have on old harddrives. (:

    And baby Judy is precious!

  2. amanda jane says:

    god get that kid some alli. jk love him! and you too!

  3. amanda jane says:

    hey anne. i went to door 16. love it! (also saw she has the same dining room light as me) mibo! cool. and i can relate to her ‘paint zombie” post (this is me the last 3 weekends, should be done by spring…!


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