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Wednesday April 30, 2008

When we started the conversations about how people will RSVP – these were our questions:

Where oh where should we have the RSVP?
Should we have an RSVP card?
Should it be a postcard or should we enclose an envelope?
Should we stamp the envelope?
Should we have an RSVP e-mail?
Should we have an RSVP on the our website?

I was like – I don’t know!

I do know that I love receiving cards…but e-mail and a web RSVP are so easy.
(How can Jake be the Groom and not have a website RSVP and a special RSVP e-mail)?

So in true Lindberg Ingman fashion we did all three and stamped the damn envelopes.

p.s. Did you know that we printed every single one of our wedding invitations, direction cards, and RSVP cards…every single one of them! It was so worth it!

So…here is my request to anyone listening — if you RSVP via e-mail or on the website, Great – please do, have fun! But can you ALSO check that little Happily Accepts or Regretfully Declines circle, and write your name, and lick the envelope with the stamp and address, and stick it in the mailbox!

Do it for ME.
RSVP twice for ME!

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  1. Matt says:


    I did it online. Jen sent you the card. Invites look great. See you tonight.


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