Thursday January 31, 2008

Spent the evening in an Executive Suite at the Timberwolves game with Matt and Jen enjoying free food and drinks! It was a super fun night!

Matt and Jen are getting married September 6th and we spent most of the night purging wedding information (and complaints of costs, caterers, and cakes). I was sorta addicted to talking about it – it felt so good to release some of the energy that is created from the whole crazy wedding extravaganza with friends who are going through the same thing!

Oh, and I don’t think I watched more that 10 minutes of the game – in case you were wondering.

We were gone for almost four hours and were a little worried about Judy being in the kennel for that long.

I opened the back door and to my amazement Judy greeted me with her wagging tail and licking kisses.

WAIT. WHAT. WHY are you OUT of your kennel????????????

I walk into the living room and see that her kennel door is on the floor as if it just fell right out of its place.

Jake and I cannot figure out how the heck she got this door out of its sockets – it took us 20 minutes to get the door back on.

Judy was out of her kennel for who knows how long roaming the house at her own free will.

I wonder what she did? Did she run around crazy knowing that she had total freedom? I bet she slept on the couch. I would give anything to have a video tape of her escape and her hours of freedom. We checked everywhere and there were no accidents and no chew bites on any furniture. She didn’t even eat the dish towel. Do you think she was trying to prove to us that she can be trusted?!

We have decided to call her Judini from now on!

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