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too much toy

Monday December 10, 2007

It is cold out.
We got our first real heating bill.
So why am I still cold?

Made sugar cookies and Chex Mix last night.
All of which are in the garage, in air tight containers, freezing.
They are waiting for next Saturday to be eaten.

Jake heard this cop tell the Target photo lady that his dog ate a sock and a $1500 surgery later he is okay.
Judy threw up in her kennel this morning.
I know I know that is gross but deal with it.
She has been destroying her fabric toys lately and also chewing on the plastic fencing in the backyard.
Which by the way, is suppose to keep her out of certain areas of the yard — but she now jumps over, eats through, or digs under it….

Jake is worried and thinks Judy has had too much toy for dinner and will have to have $1500 surgery.

She was acting weird this morning……

We gave her a bone and threw her in the backyard.
We said if she didn’t start digging in the snow and hiding it and covering it back with snow and then re digging it back out, etc. etc. then something was really wrong.
Then I left for work.

I just called Jake – she has been digging ever since I left, she is fine!

cosmic connections

Thursday December 6, 2007

We were maybe getting a little anti-wedding.
I was maybe getting a little anti-bride.

Two days ago we were seriously considering flying to Jamaica and not telling anyone.

But yesterday things starting clicking.
I am talking about cosmic connections people.

Remember June 28th, 2007?
This day was the day that my ring was delivered.
Now it will be the day we will celebrate each year.

Remember my thing for the number eight?
On this day we will have been together for eight years, I will be 28 years old, and just about anyway you look at 6/28/08 you have the number eight.

This date found us.
The place had it open and the important people in my life were available.
Things happen for a reason.

We are getting married at Camrose Hill Flower Farm on June 28th, 2008 and it is going to be beautiful.

And now we are EXCITED!

changed perspective

Tuesday December 4, 2007

Changing perspective.

We were testing this concept out last night.
We stood back and took it all in.
We changed positions and titled our head.
We sat down and admired the view.

What do you think?
I don’t know, what do you think?

I like it.
I think it looks horrible.


We rearranged the living and dining room to make room for that darn tree. The porch was too cold and plus you can’t smell the blue spruce from the porch.

I have to admit though, it was refreshing to wake up this morning and walk right into our changed perspective.

gosh darn it

Monday December 3, 2007

You know when you close your eyes and think I can’t believe this is actually happening but you know that it is really happening and you just want it to be over? Yesterday Jake and I were driving the Ford Explorer (because the starter is out on my Toyota Corolla) south on 35E and we had just passed a half dozen cars flipped over in the ditch. As we started to spin out of control I remember hearing Jake say, “We’re okay, we’re okay.” Apparently, I just kept repeating what he was saying even though I don’t remember doing that…I thought, oh no, Judy is in the kennel, can I somehow grab her? As fast as it started it was over. Our back left above the wheel by the bumper had smashed into the guard rail. We were stopped and staring into oncoming traffic – halfway on the shoulder but still all the way turned around. The guard rail saved us from flipping over.

Thank you Hillary Clinton.

I say that because Amanda had a dream that as President Hillary’s big platform was to install guard rails on all the highways. It was a dream but I thank Hilary anyway because she is doing good work and I like her and gosh darn it I want a woman as our President. Bush has done bad work and I do not like him. At all.

We were driving south, meeting friends, for the annual Christmas tree cutting down adventure. Last year was my first official year of attending and I had just moved back to Minnesota and living in a fabulous mansion of an apartment. I cut down a 10 foot tree by myself and hauled it up to our 2nd floor mansion of an apartment. It was too big and had to cut a foot off once I had hauled it up to the living room. It was a beautiful tree and I wrapped a string of lights around every single branch and didn’t even start the mansion of an apartment on fire.

This year we had decided to get a smaller tree and maybe not even bring it into our little house – the porch seemed like a good place for it and we would still be able to see it from the living room because of the windows.

It took Jake 5 seconds to cut this little tree down and we stuck it in the back of the car and drove back north on 35E in our smashed back left above the wheel by the bumper Ford Explorer.

Judy was exhausted and fell asleep at 7 pm. Jake finished up the dishes that had been piling up and we watched The Amazing Race.