so proud

Monday October 1, 2007

Tonight as we watched her come, sit, stand, sit, down on command we beamed with pride. We were so proud. She did it – in front of all other eight puppies and families. Tonight Judy graduated from puppy kindergarten!

For the last month, we have met for one hour of chaos each week to learn from, who Jake and I call, the “dog whisperer.” He can move mountains folks. Well, he can train the craziness out of the craziest puppies out there! He is great. Oh, and he is hilarious.

He says things like:

“Let’s try a lab. They are food motivated and have attention spans the size of a gnat.”
“She doesn’t know whether she is losing her head or her hat.”
“These are PUPPIES guys, they are puppies! They do what puppies do.”
Chuck talking aloud for the puppies: “He says, “why don’t I get to play.” “She says, “i don’t care if I’m small.” “He says, “where’s my treat.” “He says, “i’m not scared of you.”
“Oh there you are – I thought I had lost you completely.”
“You’re so sppecial.” “Oh good dog, you’re so sppecial.”

p.s. This polaroid photo is hilarious for a few reasons – 1. Judy has a graduation hat on…which you cannot see, and 2. Jake is holding her graduation certificate upside down.
Here is a video of “puppy play time” – Judy hasn’t quite figured that out yet…


  1. LadyKRAE says:

    Congrats Judy !!!

  2. keo boun pheng says:


    anne – love the video of you getting your picture taken. didn’t even notice the camera in your hand the first time i saw the picture… made me so curious – i had to look back after watching the video. so tech-savy!

  3. Trisha says:

    Congratulations to Judy and to her proud parents.


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