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Friday July 20, 2007

Tomorrow at 6 o’clock in the morning I leave for Vermont. I will rent a car with GPS and drive through the mountains to my destination. I will stay for two days. Then I drive to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire for a five day conference.

I am looking forward to the new sights I will see and the people I will meet.

But lately I have been falling in love with our house, our backyard, our neighborhood, our friends, the ideas of today, tomorrow and yesterday and the conversations that follow. I used to think that I would live in different places – exciting places like New York or California. Are those places really exciting? Do I still want that? I don’t know. What about another country? Then I think of the high school that is just down the block from our house. You have to speak another language at home and have lived in the US for less than three years. I see girls with long fabric every day before I head to work. That is where I need to be. I met some of these students at a neighborhood gathering – words cannot describe the light and curiosity in their eyes. They were amazing. Then a few weeks later I watched a PBS special that followed two immigrant families transition to the US…I cried as I watched in awe the determination, passion, resiliance of these families. I couldn’t help but feel so incredibily selfish.

I don’t know why this is what I am saying today on my blog…like I said before, I am heading to Vermont at 6 am and I will rent a car with GPS.


  1. paige says:

    Hi Anne. thanks for throwing the awesome bbq yesterday. i hear you. i know the ‘light’ in the eyes you speak of. let me know if there is anything i can do to help you create these friendships. they will be one of the biggest gifts you’ve ever received. have a great time in vermont. what are you doing in vermont? have a great time at dartmouth. see you friday!

  2. Marissa says:

    Im with ya on this one. I used to long to see the sights, live in exciting places. But here all I dream of is home … the quietness and friendliness of home.


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