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double clicks

Thursday November 16, 2006

She called and said she could only open one page. She wants to print all the pages.

I asked her to forward me the message, maybe I could open it at work and print them for her…then I asked if she knew how to do that?

She said, “Are you kidding?”

I’ll be there after work Grandma.
Oh, that would be great she says with a sigh of relief.

They have been sitting there since Sunday. I kept trying to open them but it didn’t work. I am nervous they are gone forever.

I take a seat and dial up the Internet.

But with a few double clicks all eleven e-mails including attached documents and photos are printed and ready to read.

The night also included a short lesson on how to open attachments and (more importantly) how to get to my blog!

Hi Grandma!

starts to unroll

Tuesday November 14, 2006

So I push this 7 foot red circle rug from IKEA around the store and it is so heavy it has trapped my purse in the cart I have to get a stranger to help me lift the rug so I can free my purse.

So I smash this 7 foot red circle rug from IKEA into my tiny Toyota car while the guy next to me loads his truck, he doesn’t offer to help me, I go back and forth both sides of my car opening the door pushing the passenger seat down finally it fits and I close the door shut.

So I carry this 7 foot red circle rug from IKEA up two flights of stairs to my apartment it is really heavy but with only one resting stop I make it into my apartment, as I unwrap, cut and pull the plastic off it starts to unroll…

There is a black stain the size of a quarter on it.

You might not think that is very big and you might even think – get over yourself Anne – it is only a small stain – nothing can be perfect.

Well, I beg to differ. I want my rug to be perfect.

As I start to unroll this 7 foot red circle rug from IKEA all I can think is – I guess I have to wrap it up, carry it down, smash it in my car, and push it to IKEA returns – at least I know what it takes.

oh did we

Friday November 10, 2006

Last night we almost needed an agenda to help us stay on track – there was just so much to say!

A few glasses of wine, delicious food, and good conversation with an old friend – what a wonderful way to spend an evening!

We laughed – oh did we laugh!


Wednesday November 8, 2006

My name is Anne and I am a TVaholic. I thought putting my TV away for three months this past summer would have helped. Well, it didn’t.

My name is Anne and I have a hangingupclothesphobia. I thought buying wooden hangers would have helped. Well, it didn’t.

still crossed

Wednesday November 8, 2006

Right now, late Tuesday night, I am anxiously awaiting the results from today.

I should be sleeping.

We did lose some but we won more….and my fingers are still crossed for some!

Minnesota is back!