those moments

Friday November 24, 2006

Two months ago…

We stopped for just a bit but she appreciated it so much, as she always did.

She offered chicken fingers and gravy from her freezer (her favorite DQ treat that she keeps on hand). How could we refuse?

I had brought my camera so we started to snap a few candid shots, showing them seconds after; it is always a marvel.

As we were saying good bye she grabbed Jake’s face rubbed her cheek against his beard smiling and laughing.

It was just one of those moments….

She went into the hospital a week later. At ninety-two her body just doesn’t quite know what to do even seven weeks later. We are all hoping that she will get better because it is just so damn hard to see someone you love so sick, so weak, so fragile.


  1. Meg D. says:

    That is the greatest pic!

  2. Cheryl says:

    That is a cute picture. I’ll be thinking of you, and her.


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