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the weekend

Wednesday August 16, 2006

These photos from my weekend are in an order all their own.

My friends visit this past weekend meant the world to me.

I didn’t want them to go and was secretly fighting back the tears while saying good-bye.

To sum it up we indulged in hours of lounging by my pool, meals at my favorite cafe in Ames, and hours of Sex and the City!

Just another typical weekend in Ames Iowa!

great state

Friday August 11, 2006

My dear dear friends are braving I35 and heading south, south of the border. Fields of opportunities await them in the great state of Iowa.

main street

Monday August 7, 2006

That is me, buying a cookie at Wheatsfield Grocery on Main Street in downtown Ames.

and Amanda who are both visiting me this weekend will most likely visit this grocery store.

Just wanted to share that with everyone.

just another

Saturday August 5, 2006

Just another Master’s graduation…except it was Jake this time!

summer day

Friday August 4, 2006

Just hanging out at my Grandma’s in Mpls on a hot summer day wearing my favorite red panda skirt and killer blue swimsuit and a hat to keep the sun off my face. Peter’s bleach blond hair, little stripped tee and flipped up white hat.

We look cute.

Do you see the butterfly bandaid on his forehead?

On the record player was a song with the line, “there goes my pour meatball” Peter is running around the dining room smacks his head on the corner of the table there was blood my Grandma freaked out but no worries we put the butterfly bandaid on and took this photo.