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Saturday August 19, 2006

As I turn to the Global Connection kiosk girl and ask, What is the diagnosis? I already know the answer.

It was dead.

I felt naked, out of touch, and lost.

I looked down at my hand and just held it for awhile.

She asked, Did you save on SIM?

I closed my eyes and said, No.

They were all gone…every telephone number of every hometown friend, every co-worker friend, every college friend and every other person I knew.

I didn’t save those numbers on my SIM card, I saved them on my phone. And now my phone is dead.

Why? Why didn’t I save on SIM?

Now I have to back track and comb through my files for phone numbers I never even memorized because all I had to do is hit: Amanda or Paige or Katie or Meghan or Home.

Dear friends and family: Please send me your numbers!
I miss you already.


  1. Kate says:

    507 469 4668

    i can’t believe it actually died…

  2. paigedewees says:

    i’m so sorry anne. i’m gonna check mine tonight.

  3. Scott says:

    Oh man that is such a pain in the butt. Good luck finding the numbers again.


  4. Cheryl says:

    Aw. so sad…good luck getting your numbers back.

  5. ben ingman says:

    hahahaha…. such drama!! You crack me up anne.

    Computer phone is temporarily out of service… and may be indefinitely.

    I will be reachable after thursday at:


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