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too hot

Wednesday June 21, 2006

For today check out Amanda’s blog to read about our travles…for some reason I cannot write anymore. Too hot I guess.

bit of home

Tuesday June 20, 2006

Last night I ordered a cheese burger and french fries.

I have never tasted anything more delicious.

I just wanted to taste a little bit of home…

So, last night in Thailand I ate my cheese burger but with a little Thailand twist.

…with two Mai Thai’s of course!

All my troubles were gone after a few sips!

one night in bangkok

Thursday June 15, 2006

I am currently sweating.

It is hot in Bangkok!

Tonight is our only night here because tomorrow we head to northern Thailand, Chiang Mai for about five days. Then we fly south to Phuket to the beach for the rest of the trip! So one night in Bangkok is all I’ve got!

Jake and I said good-bye Wednesday morning, I miss him already!

Amanda and I are all packed into Matt’s truck to head up to Minneapolis! Thanks for the ride Matt! We met Paige at Punch Pizza for a quick lunch, it was delicious and great send off!

For about nine of the twelve hours from Minneapolis to Tokyo this little man kicked the back of our chairs….grrrr.

In Bangkok Jana greeted us with jasmine lei’s! They smell amazing!

I am feeling really good and am very excited to see Thailand in the daylight!


Tuesday June 13, 2006

I leave for Thailand tomorrow at 3 pm…I am so ready for a vacation!

my family

Wednesday June 7, 2006

1. My parents are leaving for Germany next Tuesday! There two week stay will include a USA vs. Guana World Cup game!

2. I leave for Thailand next Wednesday! My two week stay will include beaches, sun, and elephants!

3. I saved the best for last…My brother Peter just got engaged last Sunday!!! I am so happy for him and Cassie!