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Friday June 23, 2006

There are moments in my day that I have never seen anything more beautiful.

Whether it is the people I am meeting or watching; or the ocean and cliffs surrounding me; or the endless white sand beaches; or the different foods I am discovering; or and the friends I am with.

I have been brought to tears.

Not always because of the photographic beauty of the land but more from the humbling reality of life as I know it.

Life here is different…is so many ways that just walking down the street is a contradiction.

Amanda turned to me today and said, “The smells are so extreme. One moment I am smelling fresh fruit, flowers, or the ocean and the next I am smelling raw sewage.”

Trying to make sense of it all…

If you haven’t read Amanda’s post, you should.


  1. amanda Jane says:

    i’m sitting right next to you blogging anne. wanted to be the first to comment. true. this is a land of contradition. love you

  2. mulbry says:

    my thoughts exactly on the smells of thailand. sweet basil or shit

  3. Scott says:

    I think that smells are what you remember most over the years of trips to far off places.



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