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took two

Friday May 5, 2006

I started working on my Alaskan scrapbook, from the trip I took two years ago…I have stuffed it away for that long…not because I didn’t like the trip or the photos but because I am a PROCRASTINATOR and PERFECTIONIST.

Feels good though, to start something you have been thinking about for a long time.

name my

Tuesday May 2, 2006

To Marissa who just commented on my last post – thank you for still visiting my blog even though I hadn’t posted in over 20 days,

To Paige who just left me the sweetest message earlier tonight – you made me laugh and smile and miss you even more – downtown St. Paul is always exciting Paige,

To Meghan who left me a voice mail last week – it made my day when I listened to it and I know that we will eventually catch up one of these days,

To Chanda who just commented on my blog from the other side of the world – of course we will play Apples to Apples and of course I will make you yummy pizza, I miss your sweet voice Chanda but can hear it with everything you write,

To Wendy who sent me an e-mail the other day – I think of you often and can’t wait to see you in Kato this summer,

To Trisha who also sent me an e-mail the other day – it was the best update ever, thanks for getting me caught up with what is going on with your life and family,

To Bridget who I used to see everyday…with seven, no six, pumps of vanilla in her coffee – I can’t wait to reconnect with you when I get back to St. Paul,

To Cheryl for always visiting my blog and making a comment – we still need to meet for coffee one of these days…maybe even invite Marissa if she is in town!

To Katie who is the most lovable, laughable, likeable, and beautiful lady I know – you amaze me with your spirit and I miss you everyday,

To Amanda – I feel so lucky that we are going to share such an amazing life experience together! Thailand here we come!

Beautiful, lovely, brilliant friends…words can’t express my appreciation and admiration. There was a time when I couldn’t name my friends…sometimes life takes my breath away and my eyes well up with tears and I know that it’s because of how much I love you all.


Tuesday May 2, 2006

I love PINK; watch this.

enough chairs

Monday May 1, 2006

I had a party last night for some of the students I have worked with for the past seven months.

I invited them over to my apartment for treats and games, a little fun away from work and a kick off for finals week.

I made pizza, my mom’s famous bean/chip dip, and cookies.

I bought Apples to Apples at Target the night before because it is the best game ever. I even bought Dr. Pepper, Dubble Bubble, Blow Pops and Reese’s Pieces.

I prepared all day for the party.

They ate the food I made and loved the game I bought! They told me they would have played all night but they had finals to study for and papers to write.

It was a great feeling to have people over to my place…even if my studio apartment doesn’t have enough chairs and I had to get my camping chair from my trunk so they could all have a place to sit!