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real people

Tuesday March 21, 2006

While listening to Keane on my Nano I realized that music makes everything feel like a movie.

All the people riding past on that flat fast moving thing, flight attendants and pilots in uniforms, people on cell phones, couples holding hands, kids running in front of parents, backpacks and traveling clothes, cowgirl boots, Bluetooth phones, men in suits, women in tapered jeans with scrunches and french-braids, Uggs, Moms holding babies, bags and bottles, people on laptops, magazines and books being read.

Add music to this scene and you’ve got a blockbuster hit…real life, real people, real stories.

forget to mention

Tuesday March 21, 2006

Flight was cancelled.

No hotel vouchers available.

Planning on sleeping in airport until flight tonorrow at 3:15.

Sorta want to cry.

Then I met some nice strangers from Iowa and a woman from San Fran.

Now I am sleeping in a hotel room with a woman named Kathleen.

But I still have no clothes, no make-up, no extra underwear.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the heat in our room doesn’t work.

Perfect, just perfect.

they are saying

Monday March 20, 2006

It is crazy here.

This is what is happening right next to me and in front of me:

So the Dad just went to smoke a cigarette and his family missed their flight.

The Mom is crying and just said, “Fucking Dad” to her two kids.

There is another Mom with dreadlocks down to her knees singing to her smiling baby.

Minutes ago a woman was firmly explaining to the airport clerk that it was a necessity that she got on the next flight…the airport clerk tried her best to explain the situation, it was tense.

The woman next to me just asked me to watch her bag and listen for her name if they called it for stand-by…she just came back and brought me a water bottle, how nice of her…oh, her name was just called.

I just talked to one of the kids from the first family and he said they found the Dad…but I still don’t see him…I’ll let you know happens.

Okay, I think he just sat down. Mom is at the counter. Younger kid just sat down next to Dad and is asking questions.

Mom is still pissed.

I am going to try and look like I am not typing everything they are saying.

Mom just walked away.

Younger kid just hugged Dad. Older kid is explaining to Dad the situation, he is very calm. Kids are hilarious.

This might be a long post…they haven’t said anything about my flight.

Younger kid is looking at my screen. I just asked him if he can read, he shook his head NO.


I just showed the two kids my photos from Alaska, Madison, WI, and Mt. Bachelor while their parents figure out their situation.

Older kid tells me that his family is from Wyoming and that they were just in Seattle for a swimming competition for him, he looks like he is about eight, I am impressed that he can hold a conversation with me…while his parents are freaking out.

Well, they just left.

Just a smile from the Mom and they are gone. The kids didn’t really say good-bye. I wonder if they will even remember this?

I am sitting in the Denver airport because my flight has been delayed for over two hours…I broke down and bought some online time for $7.95. Life is good.

in the air

Tuesday March 14, 2006

I’ve never typed in the air. Below me some 30,000 feet are snow capped mountains and cotton ball clouds. My window seat sits towards the back, so I can see the right wing and the little light at the very tip. Whenever I am on the ground and hear the rush of the air above, made only by a plane, I think of all the people up there, in the sky, looking out of their little airplane windows. I wonder if they are amazed that they are actually in the air, flying! Maybe they are also typing on lap tops, thinking of their next blog post, anticipating the end of their flight, looking forward to their fancy hotel for the coming week, wondering who the person sitting next to them really is.

Ordered room service and a goldfish last night (they offer the fish as a “free companion” to hotel guests…I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity…but this morning I decided I didn’t need the fish and called to have it removed from my room).

This morning I was desperate to find Internet. At The Benson Hotel I have to pay…which is ridiculous. So I ventured outside to find a coffee house with free wi-fi…my first stop I couldn’t get on…my second stop I was successful! Then I found this article about free wireless at Portland coffee houses.

It is raining here, I guess they say it rains a lot here, there was even an umbrella in my room.

in the county

Sunday March 12, 2006

I left on Friday and drove up through Iowa’s blue skies to Minnesota.

I was heading to Northfield because Amanda, Paige and I were going for a walk.

I didn’t mind the three hour drive to meet them.

It had been awhile since we had all been together and I couldn’t wait to see my friends!

On our walk through the woods we rounded the path and emerged upon the praire…where the sun was kissing the grass and was absolutely beautiful.

After our walk we went to dinner at a local restaurant where the host let us know that they had the “best salads in the county!”

A few cosmos later and hours of conversation I went to sleep energized from the day with my amazingly wonderful friends.

My weekend also included a visit to my Grandmas, not to mention an afternoon with her new puppy!

His name is Tuffy and is the most delightful 2.2 pound creature!

To my surprise my Aunt, Uncle and cousins were also visiting which made my visit even more enjoyable!