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Monday February 27, 2006

I really really really miss my family and friends in Minnesota. I haven’t been home it what feels like forever and I really really really miss everyone and I think about them constantly.

I proclaim to all who know me from Kato or St. Paul or anywhere else please know that I would love for you to visit me…it is an open invitation from me to you…whenever you feel that a short drive south would fit into your schedule just give me a call and I will make delicious pastas and chocolate cakes for us to eat.

You will not regret it.


  1. Cheryl says:

    Aw I know that feeling. I hope there is a lot of pasta and cake in your future.

  2. curious servant says:

    Hang in thre, Anne!

  3. Amanda says:

    aw, “missing” is a tough emotion. there is no immediate resolution. but, it makes the not-missing – the reunion- all the more sweet. hang in there.

  4. Scott says:

    Wishing you many visitors!!!


  5. paigedewees says:

    anne, maybe amanda and i should drive down and we can have a sleepover and come home the next day! but only if you make pasta and chocolate cakes… oh, and i’ve been meaning to tell you that there is a finnish bakery by school i always go into and they have do die for almond croissants, and i always think of you! and luke got me a new phone for my birthday (thanks for the awesome card!!!!) and i realized i had a text message from you from a long time ago. i’d never checked them. did i tell you? It said paige. chit chat tonight 8pm. be there AKL AJP ABC. i almost died. But it was from last summer. i miss you too!!!!

  6. amanda Jane says:

    oh anne! i wish it were summer. i would drive down through a thunderstorm and sit by the pool and drink fuzzy navels with you until the sun went behind the clouds and we got too tired to talk (which never happens) but it could if we had forever to talk like we used to, when it was summer.

  7. Kate says:

    miss you too anne.


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