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Tuesday December 27, 2005

The feeling of being home and thinking of nothing else than just being home…yeah, that is where I am right now.

Since last Thursday I have met with friends and family, carried out traditions and new experiences, and have celebrated non-stop. It has been all too wonderful to even begin to explain. Just being present and with all of them…well, there have been moments where I could feel my heart ache with happiness.

Life begins to make more sense when you least expect it.


  1. Meg D. says:

    Your blog today rings so true! I have gotten to see and be with so many people that I love. I have been truly blessed with friends like you!

  2. Marissa says:

    I SO know that feeling – the ache with happiness feeling. I have it right now, too. Sometimes my happiness hurts so intensely I don’t know what to do. Funny, it always happens when I’m home…

  3. still_figuring_out says:

    home is always so sweet :)

  4. Nanyaar? says:

    Nothing better than home.. atleast your lucky!

  5. mattolaughlin says:

    I didn’t really see any of the cool kids this christmas, I was too busy eating and drinking at home.

    Home to me is the Haze, or the Underground. That is when I get that very warm feeling inside. Its that perfect mix of reasons why you left town, games you don’t want to play, and people you never want to see.

    Hopefully I can make it to christmas eve breakfast next year.

  6. Jayleigh says:

    That is the coolest! Happy New Year!!!


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