Saturday September 17, 2005

Today Amanda and I walked over a bridge hundreds of feet in the air.

We walked through burning fire.

We screamed when we feel off a cliff.

We flew through caves and passages.

And we both got nauseous.

I had never entered virtual reality before and I don’t think I will head back…

Amanda visited this weekend!!! We have been friends since high school and she is one of my most dear friends. She has inspired me and made me laugh for as long as I have known her. I was so happy that she came to see me in my new city!

We had the most wonderful dinner Friday night. Jake and I made some delicious food…ricotta cheese herb spread, a pear salad with a sweet balsalmic vinaigrette, roasted tomato pasta and a chocolate fudge cake…yummy!

This morning after coffee and scones (chit-chat scones of course) we headed to Iowa State campus for a tour. Jake gave a great tour and showed us the Virtual Reality Center where he works and studies most of his days away. It continues to amaze me that he knows how this stuff works, can actually create it, and then explain how it works to others. He is pretty amazing.

After our tour of campus and our (very fun but nauseating) virtual reality demo, Amanda and I lounged by the pool all afternoon. It was a beautiful day is Ames Iowa!

Then we both drove back to Northfield Minnesota to her house! ha! Tomorrow some other friends are coming here for a day tour of some local farms. I am also heading to Mankato to see the family for a few days.


  1. Happy Mutant says:

    I love to play with VR stuff. I used to go to the VR center in Chicago at North Peir when they had it a long time ago. I can’t even imagine how real VR looks now.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend, except for the nausea of course! Have fun in MN…

  3. still_figuring_out says:

    i`m so jealous! lol. in a good way ;) i want to visit a VR centre too!!!

  4. Marissa says:

    I love those kinds of friends! Sounds so much fun. Enjoy!

  5. Jayleigh says:

    Awesome pics, as usual. Sounds like virtual reality was fun too! But especially beautiful afternoons full of friends… those rock.

  6. Amanda says:

    sounds so lovely. i love the beginning, great technique! :)

  7. Kate says:

    Darling pictures Anne! That thing made me kind of sick too, I went in with my mom.. pretty funny :) I’m so jealous you get to play in Mankato for a bit!

  8. Christa says:

    Anne-thanks for lunch today!! It was so awesome to see you and thanks so much for listening to all of my ranting about my life lately! Sorry I monopolized our conversation with crazy stories. Next time, you do the talking and I’ll take care of lunch! P.S. Kristen says, “Hi.”

  9. Kiki says:

    That sounds so cool. I want to go to a Virtual Reality Center!!


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