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Thursday August 25, 2005

This is me blogging at Jakes. We both live in Ames, Iowa. We eat lunch together now.


  1. Christa says:

    I LOVE IT!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Cool. I am happy for you that you can eat with your honey.

  3. Marissa says:

    I love it, too! Congrats Anne! Things are going to be more than fine, I know it!

  4. Meg D. says:

    Oh Anne you look so cute! So are you living with Jake or are you just staying there? How’s the job search?

    Missing you!

  5. Jayleigh says:


  6. Happy Mutant says:

    That looks like me at night. Computer in the corner with a little light on and blogging away. I hope everything goes well in Ames. It is a great town

  7. Anne says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments and support!

  8. Kiki says:

    Congrats!! Love the picture.


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