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Monday March 28, 2005

Yesterday was Easter! I got all dressed up in as much pastel as possible. I had on my new pink sash from my Mom and my Great Grandmothers’ purple brooch. I felt like spring!

I started at 10 am driving around my neighborhood looking for a church…fortunately I have an abundance of choices; unfortunately most of the services began at either 9 am or 11 am. I do not attend a church regularly anymore so I thought, “let’s try something different.” I decided the Presbyterian Church looked good so I came back at 11. This was my first time at a Presbyterian church; I grew up attending a Lutheran church.

The day was beautiful and the church was beautiful. Women in big hats, little girls in pink dresses, men and boys in Easter egg ties. I love the feeling of Sunday mornings at church, everyone dressed up and content. I was impressed with the music and service. They made visitors feel welcome (we had to put on a sticker to identify we were visiting). I didn’t really “see” or “feel” any real differences (between Lutheran and Presbyterian). However, I am going to do a little research on the meaning behind the titles.

After church I had to run home and start making the carrots, I was in charge of bringing the carrots. I finally made it to my Grandma’s and everyone was there, ready to eat! We had a wonderful meal, the food was delicious. It was great to spend the afternoon with my Mom and Dad, Grandma, Aunt and Uncle and cousins. I love that we can laugh at ourselves and enjoy each other’s company. I love that we share so many memories.

My Grandma had set up a dozen or so cup and saucers that have become family heirlooms. We all got to choose one, essentially to now become part of our own family history. Each cup and saucer was uniquely beautiful and seemed to perfectly reflect our own personality. Stacy chose a very classy and delicate pattern, Rachel chose a subtle sweet pattern, Abby chose a pretty yet a little wild pattern, and I chose a strong symmetrical pattern. (Don’t worry Erika; Grandma had already set aside a beautiful cup and saucer for you. And Peter, I chose a cup and saucer for you).

I love that my Grandma knows who gave her each and every one of those cup and saucers, a small token from her past now handed off to us to remember.

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  1. Erika says:

    Hey cuz,
    Thanks for the update. I hate that my mom, dad & I don’t live close enough to partake in holiday events as often as we would like. But I appreciate the cup saving on Grandma’s part. She was pretty tired when I talked to her Sunday night. But she said she had a wonderful time with you all. Wish we could have been there :)



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