Saturday March 26, 2005

I work for Starbucks Coffee Company.

I don’t drink coffee.

I do love the idea and culture of coffee…in the morning, with friends, in the evening with dessert, or while you are camping, or traveling. For some reason coffee is an experience and I have come to truly treasure what it does for people. I know that I want to be able to offer coffee for my friends and family when they come to my home.

At work I see the same people everyday. Robin and Vic, Paulette, Dave and Mark, Debbie and Mike, George and Silvio, Kady and Pamela….the names could go on and on….eveyone has their own drink and we usually have it ready for them before they get to the counter. They love that we know what they want.

Right now Starbucks is having their Annual Spring Brewing Sale so I invested in the Barista Quatro Coffee Maker (it is the cutest 4 cup coffee maker and fits perfectly into my little apartment)!

So this morning I made my very first cup of coffee! I felt so grown up.

But it doesn’t mean I am going to start drinking coffee everyday.


  1. jingman says:

    Here is a picture of Anne’s new coffee maker, cute indeed.

  2. Meg D. says:

    Anne, this is so fun. I love to know what you’re doing!! I miss you a ton!!!!


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