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Friday March 25, 2005

Lately I have been feeling lazy.

So I made the desicion to incorporate more physical activitiy into my life. I ripped out a classic “15-minute no-fail workout” article from Good Housekeeping and purchased some free weights. I started on Monday and it felt good…Tuesday felt better…and then Wednesday I took a break…along with Thursday…but today I went for a run and did the “15-minute no-fail workout.”

My plan is to continue to MOVE my body.

I used to play sports all the time, all through school I was involved in sports. I remember getting up early, before school started, to run with my friend Amber to get ready for Track tryouts. My Dad would drive the car behind us so we could see! I miss the competition of volleyball and soccer and the need to be at Mount Kato skiing or snowboarding every minute that I could. I miss coming back from practice and feeling SO hungry and SO tired. I miss seeing my Dad at every game I ever played. I hated running hill sprints for track but loved the feeling when I won the 800 meters (even if it was JV). I lived for those days and that feeling.

My plan is to continue to MOVE my body, even if it is to the bus stop.

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  1. jingman says:

    Sounds like a plan, Anne. Maybe you can run to a farther bus stop each week – pretty soon you’ll be running all the way to work!


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