Thursday March 24, 2005

All day I was excited to come home to write my next entry! I couldn’t stop thinking of funny, witty, and interesting things to write about….hmmm….I think I might be trying too hard! Maybe I will start by explaining why I started my blog. Last night I was talking to my Mom and through my excitment I suggested that she have one too! Her response was that she “doesn’t want to share everything (she) is thinking!” I hope that my blog is a place to share another part of me to my friends and family.

Everyday I run my fastest to catch the bus to work. You should see me, I absolutely bolt out of my apartment and run full speed to the bus stop about three blocks away. This morning (without fail) I am scrambling to eat my breakfast and get my lunch packed so I don’t have to sprint to the bus. However my ritual of sprinting prevailed. When I got there, out of breath, a woman already waiting for the bus looked at me and said that I looked positively drained and humorously suggested I might be hung over! ha!


  1. Ed Vina says:

    was she right??

  2. Anne says:

    Of course not! I am just very out of shape!


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