Wednesday March 23, 2005

Let’s see…where do I start? I know that this is my first post…so naturally I want it to be just perfect. I have already posted something (twice) and have deleted it completely and started over. This blogging thing might be difficult because I am an editing enthusiast. I will challenge my perfectionism to fully embrace the spontenanity of blogging culture!

Today I got up at 6 am and caught the bus to work. Made coffee for 5.15 hours, smiled a lot, said thank you a lot, and had a great morning with my friends Allisa and Miriam (co-workers). Was home by 12:30 and had lunch (leftovers from dinner with Grandma, Mom and Auntie Sue last night). Then I watched ‘Starting Over’…eventually switching to ‘Young, Sexy and Sporty’ on WE. I just set up this blog and am typing right now…

My plants are soaking in the sunshine of the afternoon. I know they are loving it!


  1. jeanettemusser says:

    sweet anne…your a trip, a treat, a gift. i love you my friend, and i love that i now know what you are up to today! your great.:)love, jnet

  2. Ed Vina says:

    very good first blog, engaging, but yet not to telling. You left us wanting more…

  3. Erika says:

    Nice work Cuz~
    I will make sure to check in frequently and post updates from the east coast. Today is it raining so i just want to sleep :)

    TTFN :)

  4. amanda says:

    Naturally, I was hurt that your blog titled, “Plants” did not give credit to your dear friend amanda jane who gave you those said plants, soaking in the sun. I am however, willing to overlook it, as long as one of your next blogs mentions me. Now that you live in the big city, don’t forget your ROOTS Annie… pun intended!


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